Policy on Cookies

This Portal uses cookies to the extent necessary for the proper operation and viewing of the website by the user. The cookies used have a limited, temporary validity period and will never be used to collect personal information.

¿What are cookies?

A cookie is an information file that is saved in the computer of whoever is accessing the page. Cookies allow a Web page, among others, to store and retrieve information on the navigation habits of a user or his/her computer and, depending on the information they contain and on the use made by the user of his/her computer, they may be used to recognize a user.

What types of cookies are used in this Web page?

This Web site uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, Inc., which allows analysing the use made by users of the Web site only for statistical purposes.

Google Analytics uses cookies to these effects. The information generated by the cookie to create the statistical information will be directly transmitted and filed by Google. In order to guarantee anonymity, Google will make the information anonymous by truncating the IP address before it is stored. This way, Google Analytics is not used to locate or collect identifiable personal information from the visitors of the site. Google will only send the information collected by Google Analytics to third parties if legally obliged to do so. Regarding the conditions for service provision by Google Analytics, Google will not associate your IP address to any other data stored by Google.

If required, you may revoke the permission for the statistical processing of data or information with Google Analytics by clicking the "Reject" button on the informative panel located at the end of the screen. As a result of this action, the information related to the site visit will not be sent to Google Analytics. You will have to execute this action every time you change your browser or its configuration. Remember that if you delete the cookies, you will have to execute this action again in order to reject the permission, as the rejection flag is saved in a cookie.

How to manage cookies

You can allow, block or delete the cookies installed in your computer through the configuration of the options available in the browser installed in your computer.

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